Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake engineering is a broad field. It includes aspects of geology, risk analysis and geotechnical analysis, modelling and design.


Our specialty is geotechnical earthquake engineering, including:

  • Site specific seismic hazard assessment
  • Local site effects
  • Design ground motions
  • Design spectra and response spectra
  • Liquefaction
  • Seismic slope stability
  • Seismic design of retaining walls
  • Seismic design of dams
  • Soil improvement to mitigate seismic hazards
  • Seismic risk analysis
  • Foundation performance


Typical tasks we complete for major projects include:

  • Identification of active faults
  • Assessment of the level of ground shaking
  • Assessment of ground rupture hazard
  • Site investigation and classification of site subsoil category
  • Evaluation of amplification of ground movements due to specific site conditions
  • Assessment of potential for liquefaction of ground and consequences
  • Evaluation of landslip risk and displacement under earthquakes
  • Design of liquefaction mitigation measures

We have provided earthquake engineering services for:

  • Water supply - dam design and evaluation, canals
  • Roading - embankment stability, cut slopes, excavations, bridge abutments
  • Hospitals/Lifeline structures - design criteria, liquefaction assessments, local site effects
  • Mining - tailings dams, waste stacks, open pits
  • Hydropower - fault studies, seismic hazard
  • Residential and commercial developments