Waterview Twin Tunnels, Auckland

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering has been central to the growth of our company. For over 50 years we have offered specialist consultancy services, and have worked in New Zealand, South East Asia and the Pacific.

The range of geotechnical services we offer continues to expand to meet increasing project complexity. We often work closely with other consultants and contractors as part of a project team.

We have a large team of highly experienced engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. They are supported by a suite of design software and field testing equipment.


We provide a diverse range of geotechnical services. Our involvement in many projects starts at initial concept and frequently includes investigation, design and construction phases.

Our services can be tailored to meet specific geotechnical requirements, and include:

  • Foundation design
  • Cut slope retention
  • Landslide stabilisation
  • Basement excavations and groundwater control
  • Earthworks design and specifications
  • Numerical modelling
  • Pavement assessment and design
  • Settlement analysis
  • Seismic hazard evaluations
  • Detailed liquefaction susceptibility and mitigation assessment
  • Slope stability and assessment
  • Slope remediation design
  • Instrumentation and monitoring

  • Aggregate and materials evaluation
  • Dam foundations

  • Peer review and expert testimony


Recent examples of our experience include:

  • SH1 Northern Gateway (Albany - Puhoi)
  • SH 16-20 Waterview Connection (5km of six-laning with 13-meter diameter TBM twin tunnels)
  • Tauranga Harbour Link Stage II
  • Newmarket Viaduct Replacement
  • Silverdale land development
  • Waterfront Auckland developments
  • Hairini Link
  • Stonefields quarry redevelopment
  • Kawakawa Bay landslip remediation
  • Christchurch earthquake recovery assessments and analysis
  • Redvale Landfill waste cells design and development