Pavement Engineering

We have a team of experienced designers and technicians who specialise in the investigation and analysis required to develop practical and cost-effective pavement solutions.

Working closely with our clients, contractors and material suppliers helps us develop effective solutions that meet both needs and economic constraints.


We tailor our expert services to meet the specific requirements of a project. These include:

  • Desk study assessment of pavement options suitable for particular sites and requirements
  • Site investigation, testing and sampling to investigate subgrade conditions or the condition and construction of existing pavements
  • Residual life estimation and rehabilitation options for existing pavements
  • Development of subgrade improvement options
  • Assessment of suitable pavement options
  • Comparative costing of options
  • Detailed design of options including subsurface drainage requirements
  • Development of construction drawings and specifications
  • Construction supervision


The experience we have gained working on projects throughout New Zealand, the Pacific, South East Asia and the Middle East includes:

  • Major NZTA arterial infrastructure development and rehabilitation projects
  • Commercial heavy duty ports and container terminal facilities
  • Airport and air industry projects
  • Local authority arterial and network rehabilitation and development projects