We provide a range of technical and planning services for the management of groundwater resources.

Our team of geologists, hydrogeologists, civil engineers, chemists and biologists are experienced in site and hydrogeological characterisation, monitoring, groundwater modelling and peer review services.


We have expertise in the following areas:

Preliminary groundwater regime assessments

  • Desk study reviews and site history investigation

  • Preliminary risk assessments and walkover inspections

  • Feasibility assessments

Review services

  • Peer review of hydrogeological and modelling reports

Regulatory liaison

  • Community consultation

  • Resource consent applications

  • Expert evidence

Site characterisation and monitoring

  • Well installation and development

  • Drilling and geological logging

  • Hydraulic testing including slug tests, packer tests and pumping tests

Groundwater resource characterisation and assessment

  • Irrigation

  • Water supply

  • Contaminant investigation and modelling

  • Wastewater disposal

Groundwater sampling

  • Ground and surface water interaction characterisation

  • Resource consent monitoring


  • Numerical risk assessment modelling

  • Groundwater flow and solute transport modelling

  • Wellhead protection and capture zone analysis

  • Dewatering assessments

Health and Safety

  • Safety plan development

  • Staff and client training

Examples of our recent hydrogeological investigations include:

  • Peer review of an aquifer pumping test report on a shallow semi-confined alluvial aquifer for consent application (Poverty Bay Flats, New Zealand).

  • Hydrogeological characterisation and conceptual model development of a fractured volcanic rock system for design of remedial works for the cleanup of a hydrocarbon plume (Ballan, Victoria, Australia).

  • A downstream effects assessment of the development of a hydroelectric power scheme on groundwater abstraction site hydrogeology near the Arnold River (West Coast, New Zealand).

  • Hydrogeological investigation including permeability testing, groundwater sampling and hydrochemical characterisation associated with the development of wastewater land treatment scheme (Mangawhai, New Zealand).

  • A stream depletion assessment in relation to groundwater pumping (Canterbury, New Zealand).

  • Feasibility assessment, intrusive investigation and hydrochemical analysis for an industrial groundwater supply in a fractured basalt aquifer (Upolu Island, Samoa).

Key contacts:

Leon Pemberton

Discipline Manager, Hydrogeology

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Tony Cussins

Technical Director, Hydrogeology

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