Groundwater Take Assessments for Irrigation Supply

Project overview

Tonkin + Taylor (T+T) has a variety of clients, from lifestyle block owners through to large scale horticultural growers who require groundwater for irrigation, frost protection, manufacturing, or construction purposes.

The Hydrogeology team at T+T oversee the planning, design, installation and  testing of new (or existing) production bores for groundwater takes. T+T prepare specifications, methodologies, and contract documents to engage drilling contractors. We also maintain regular contact with the driller to establish the optimal target depth for the groundwater take.

Following bore completion, many of our clients need to apply for resource consents from the  council to take groundwater where an assessment of the potential effects on the environment (AEE) is required. The Hydrogeology team at T+T compile supporting information typically consisting of a pumping test analysis, an evaluation of the aquifer characteristics, and a technical hydrogeological report. T+T have a team of planners who can prepare the application for a groundwater take / resource consent on the behalf of our clients and can liaise with the council, and any other potentially affected parties, during the consenting process.

Services Provided

  • Aquifer characterisation and development of a hydrogeological conceptual model.
  • Review and analysis of pumping test data.
  • Review of surface water and groundwater catchments and their allocation volumes.
  • Engagement with relevant iwi and hapū on cultural effects.
  • Collate data on neighbouring bore owners.
  • Carrying out an assessment of effects, including potential for stream depletion, well interference effects on neighbouring groundwater users, water quality effects, effects on regional groundwater allocation, and saline intrusion.
  • Provision of mitigation measures where effects are assessed as greater than minor.
  • Applicability of the proposed groundwater take relating to statutory considerations of Regional Plans and national policies.