Innovation and Value Engineering

T+T applies value engineering principles to every transport project it undertakes.  Our innovative design solutions are reflected in tens of millions of dollars in capital cost savings across some of New Zealand’s largest and most notable infrastructure projects.

Value engineering, however, goes well beyond maintaining a consistent eye on your bottom line.

We’ll work with you to inspire investor confidence, support our economy with robust, enduring infrastructure with built-in resilience and sustainability, and to ensure that your project will reliably and consistently meet the needs of a growing New Zealand.

Why is Value Engineering important?

Value engineering is the refinement and modification of an existing design or idea. It may range from modifying a current design approach, to suggesting a different construction technique that will save time, money or both.

A reduction in time and cost helps to reduce the capital cost of the project, delivering the same or greater benefits for a lower price, thereby improving the BCR, or value of investment, in the asset/engineering solution.

How can Value Engineering help my project? Where and how you have shown your Value Engineering expertise?

An asset with increased resilience and a higher level of sustainability has long-term benefits, including lower lifetime costs and an increased return on investment. From a fiscal perspective, value engineering provides a more solid business case for investors and, if the investor is a central or local Government organisation, greatly enhanced economic benefits for New Zealand and its people.

We’ve saved our clients many hundreds of millions over the past five years as part of project teams across the country, including the landscape-changing Waterview and the Downtown Infrastructure Development Programme, delivered during 2018 and 2019.


  • Downtown Infrastructure Development Programme
  • Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI)
  • Wynyard Edge Alliance: Infrastructure to support the 36th America’s Cup

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