Resource Planning Management

Our experienced senior planners are technically knowledgeable and skilled at incorporating multiple perspectives into the planning elements of transportation projects, as is the case with our planners working on the Mount Messenger Bypass and the Downtown project.

The expert knowledge of our staff around resource consent applications and environmental authorisation requirements is particularly valuable on large, time and cost-sensitive projects, such as the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR). For the Downtown project, T+T led significant elements of the land use and regional consenting work as well as having people with the experience reviewing the planning requirements and constraints in the review and update of the AMETI SAR for EB3.

T+T also provide expert witness services for applications to councils, the Environment Court, and Board of Inquiry (BOI) hearings; with recent hearings including the Notice of Requirement hearing for the 2nd runway extension for Auckland International Airport, the BOI hearing for Mount Messenger Bypass and the Downtown project.


  • Downtown Infrastructure Development programme
  • City Rail Link
  • Wynyard Edge Alliance: Infrastructure to support the 36th America’s Cup
  • Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI)
  • Mount Messenger Bypass

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