Waste and Contaminated Land

Waste and Contaminated Land

T+T is committed to sound environmental practices and sustainability. It is established as a major - and growing - presence in the waste and contaminated land sectors across New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and Asia. We work with local government and private contractors on the planning, design, construction and operation of resilient waste infrastructure, taking an integrated strategic approach.

We help you to develop infrastructure that uses integrated thinking to protect human health, safeguard the environment and enable the efficient and effective use of resources. Successful application of this approach means that residents and businesses - your customers - enjoy simple, easy to use services that are provided at a reasonable cost.

T+T’s team of dedicated waste and contaminated land specialists has the skills, experience and commitment required to help you make the right decisions, focussing on customer satisfaction, efficiency and reducing operational environmental impacts.

We have provided specialist contaminated land management services for over 50 years. T+T has completed many notable contaminated site and groundwater remediation projects, developing innovative solutions and implementing new contaminated land remediation technologies.

If you need help with a waste or contaminated land project, we’ll work with you to develop sound, sustainable solutions.

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