Manase Beach replenishment

Coastal Enhancement and Protection

Tonkin + Taylor is New Zealand’s leading Environmental and Engineering Consultancy with over 40 years' experience specialising in environmental, civil, structural, geotechnical and water resource engineering. These skills have been combined to develop a strong expertise in all facets of coastal and marine engineering, planning and science.

Working along the coastal edge requires balance and a high level of expertise as environments are delicate, hostile and destructive. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineering, scientists and planners offer a comprehensive range of services related to the enhancement and protection of the coastal edge. Each project is handled methodically and comprehensively.

Areas of expertise

  • Concept design 
  • Effects assessment
  • Consent management 
  • Numerical modelling
  • Detailed design 
  • Construction supervision

Recent projects

Onehunga Foreshore Reclamation - Taumaunu Reserve
Detailed design and consenting of New Zealand’s largest recreational reclamation including 6.8ha of new park land and nine new pocket beaches 

North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR)

Coastal engineering design for the fast-tracked restoration of the earthquake-damaged infrastructure following the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake.

Huia Domain

Coastal protection and enhancement design along the Huia Domain foreshore including coastal process assessment, design of rock groynes, rock revetment and beach nourishment.

Torpedo Bay Replenishment

Award-winning beach replenishment and seawall rehabilitation

New Plymouth Coastal Walkway
Coastal engineering design for the award-winning coastal walkway including coastal process assessment, rock revetment design and overtopping assessments.

Oriental Bay Foreshore Enhancement

Preliminary and detailed design of a multi award-winning $7.5m foreshore restoration project.

Kiribati Roading Rehabilitation

Design of coastal protection for vulnerable coastal roads

Manase Beach replenishment

Detailed design and consenting of a beach replenishment with offshore breakwaters following cyclone damage

Waihi Beach Seawall and Training Groynes

Design, consenting and construction of a 1.1km long rock seawall and geobag training groynes

Key Staff

Richard Reinen-Hamill - Sector Director Natural Hazards Resilience

Dr Tom Shand - Senior Coastal Engineer

Manea Sweeney - Discipline Manager - Horizon Planning


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