Hydrology Specialists

Hydrology is an integral part of many of our projects. For example, defining extreme flood flow characteristics for design and low flows for environmental protection and water resource assessment.

Our specialists have wide experience in water resource assessment and modelling, extreme event analysis and estimations of design flows for flood and drought events.


At initial project planning stage our services include:

- Regional resource studies
- Catchment yield analysis
- Flow monitoring programmes
- Assessment of effects
- Flood and low flow frequency evaluations
- Residual flow assessment
- Dam reservoir sizing 

In subsequent project stages we offer:

- Catchment rainfall-runoff modelling
- Design storm and flood estimation
- Flood routing
- Probable maximum flood assessment
- Dambreak hazard assessment
- Flow regime simulations before and after scheme development
- Peer review
- Expert evidence 
- Consent renewals

- Forensic hydrology

And other hydrological services we offer include:

- Hydro energy and enterprise modelling
- Due diligence
- System optimisation
- Land-use and climate change effects
- Stochastic methods

- Compliance auditing

- Fluvial processes
- Sedimentation studies

- Policy and planning support


We have delivered hydrology services for infrastructure such as:

- Irrigation and water supply
- Hydropower schemes
- Motorways
- Landfills
- Catchment flood management
- Storage dams
- Flood detention dams
- Run-of-river intakes
- Bridges and waterway crossings
- Land development

Our recently completed projects with a strong hydrological focus include:

  • The award-winning Integrated Source Management Model for real-time optimisation of Auckland’s bulk water supply system.

  • Estimation of water resource for Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme in Hawkes Bay.
  • Mapping of water resources and evaluation of irrigation reliability for the Waitoki Catchment Water Allocation Regional Plan.

  • Sg Kinta flood mitigation project in Malaysia.
  • Investigation of salmon stock losses in the Ohau Channel salmon farm.