Project and Investigation Management Support and Advice

We have provided project management services for over 50 years. Our understanding of client needs is central to our project management approach.

We work in a partnership arrangements with our clients and specialist sub- consultants based on a ‘best for project’ philosophy.


We work mostly on large multi-discipline infrastructure projects. Our services are based on an understanding of both engineering, and environmental and RMA project aspects.

We regularly provide project management services for dam, hydropower and irrigation projects. This includes management of investigation programmes, options and issues assessment, pre-feasibility and feasibility, consent applications, design and construction, and commissioning.

We understand that effective project leaders are essential for the success of a project. Good leadership is required to manage project complexity and disparity, and to coordinate a range of workstreams.

Pro-active management, innovation, technical excellence, problem solving and teamwork make up our core values.

Our specific services include:

  • Project scheduling
  • Identifying key project constraints and consent issues
  • Preparing briefs for technical work packages
  • Identifying and commissioning appropriate specialists
  • Preparing contracts and budget management
  • Directing and reviewing investigation outputs
  • Organising and chairing progress meetings

  • Contributing strategic knowledge on specific issues

  • Consultation with affected parties and stakeholders

  • Effective and open communication


Recent examples of major water resources projects where we have provided investigations and project management services include:

  • Hydro Power Investigations, Clutha River (2009 to 2011)

We provided our client with strategic and project management support to managing environmental and engineering information review and investigations, covering four possible hydro generation options on the Clutha River. This work package is a renewal and continuation of longer-term services provided previously – see below for more information.

  • Lake Hood Extension, Ashburton (2007 to ongoing)

Our role included project management of multi-disciplinary investigations and consent process (engineering, water resource and environmental) to extendour previous design for a 84 hectare recreational lake by an additional 94 hectares, including associated residential development.

  • Storage Dam for Water Augmentation, Lee River (2004 to ongoing)

We provided project management of pre-feasibility and feasibility for irrigation, instream and hydroelectric power use. Along with multi-disciplinary engineering, water resource and environmental investigations for 52m-high dam and 13 Mm3 storage reservoir on the Lee River for surface and groundwater augmentation.

  • Hydro Power investigations, Lower Clutha River (1989 to 1996)

Our successful project management of all environmental and engineering investigations for the proposed Tuapeka scheme (350 MW) included scoping of all work packages, preparation of briefs, output review and integration, management of a team of external and internal consultants, scoping of consent requirements and wide stakeholder consultation.

These projects have involved identifying, managing and working with a range of external and internal specialists in a team environment. Our high level of team commitment resulted in efficiency and productivity.

Our specialist areas of experience include:

- Dam engineering and design
- Site and geotechnical investigations
- Reservoir stability
- Hydrology (including design flood and drought flow estimation)
- Hydro power engineering
- Operating regime
- Dambreak hazard assessment
- Groundwater implications
- Flood hazard assessment and management
- Infrastructure replacement
- Roading
- Fish passage
- Reservoir water quality
- Cultural impacts and archaeology
- Terrestrial ecology (flora and fauna)
- Residual flow requirements
- Land requirements
- Consultation
- Environmental mitigation assessment


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