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2022 Hynds Best Paper Award – ‘How to communicate risk when it feels like no one is listening’

By 17 October 2022January 23rd, 2024News

Tonkin + Taylor attended the 2022 IPWEA NZ Conference – the conference’s theme focused on creating sustainable solutions and thinking long-term when it comes to outcomes for our households, businesses, communities, organisations, and government.

Analysing risk is a key component when working towards a sustainable future and Climate Risk Consultant Alex Cartwright and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Climate Advisor, Rebekah Robertson, spoke at the conference about their paper “How to communicate risk when it feels like no one is listening.”

The paper won the prestigious Hynds ‘Paper of the Year’ Award.

With climate change providing uncertainty, raising the importance of risk communication is critical when mapping out effective long-term climate responses. As our understanding of natural hazards and climate risk improves, how do we enable individual decision-makers to be best informed?

Focussing on harnessing the power of communication in the context of risk information, this paper focuses on two key aspects that inform an individual’s response to risk, the cognitive and emotional dimensions, which refer to how much people know and understand about risk, and how someone feels about risk.

Read the paper here.