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Tonkin +Taylor is joining with our global associates as part of the Inogen Alliance to unearth stories of Environmental, Health, Safety and sustainability communities making an impact on the ground around the world.

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Episode One

This podcast episode features our host Phil Dillard interviewing Angelique (Angie) Dickson, the President of the Inogen Alliance and Senior Vice President of Antea Group USA. In this episode, Angie explores the current EHS landscape and the ways we are rethinking the future of EHS. In addition to the podcast’s conversation with Angie, we’ll hear from other EHS leaders around the world about their thoughts on rethinking EHS.

This episode highlights major environmental health and safety challenges, future trends and places an emphasis on the need for global cooperation and agility to solve complex problems for our clients.

Inogen Podcast Angie

Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance, has over 20 years of global management and consulting experience focused on progressively more complex projects, services, and business objectives that promote business sustainability in a global climate. Her creative leadership has focused on project management and strategic planning for customer-focused solutions that integrate creative operational strategies, technology, and external stakeholder engagement. Angie is well versed in identifying business challenges and opportunities in diverse client settings, providing innovative solutions to projects in a variety of government and private sector settings supporting client and community stakeholder interests and community development.

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Stay tuned for July 10th where Tonkin +Taylor’s Sector Lead – Finance and Risk, Jon Rix discusses flood response and climate adaptation.

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