New Fellow David Leong – The Sherlock Holmes of Hydrology

New Fellow David Leong – The Sherlock Holmes of Hydrology
David Leong with his award, alongside wife Lean and son Stephen

David Leong, Principal Water Resources Engineer and a leading expert on hydrology, hydraulic structures and dam-break hazard, is now a Fellow of Engineering New Zealand. In his career to date David has made a significant contribution to the engineering profession by doing incredible work in his field and is now officially acknowledged as an esteemed industry expert.

What makes David an expert in his field?

He describes himself as a forensic hydrologist, his years of experience enable him to make skilful observations, ask the right questions and interpret data to combine information like the pieces of a puzzle. Like Sherlock Holmes, he’s a consulting detective, gifted in the art of deduction - albeit David’s adventures are rather more water-based than that of Detective Holmes!

How did David become a Fellow?

He drew from his 30 year career and demonstrated technical expertise, innovation, as well as expert design and construction. He was particularly recognised by Engineering New Zealand for his ground-breaking work on a risk-cost approach for optimising Auckland’s bulk water supply system - a system that Watercare still uses today. David describes the development of the system as the ‘eureka’ moment of his career, for which he received the IPENZ Supreme Award for Engineering Excellence.

What next for David?

David has devoted his life to his career in water resource engineering and is well positioned to apply his expertise to the complex water issues that are facing New Zealand. The Labour Government is focussed on restoring our rivers and lakes to be swimmable, helping farmers with fencing and stream bank planting, and supporting regional councils to clean up their waterways. Because water quality is high on the agenda for New Zealand, there’s a great deal of consulting detective work for our Sherlock Holmes of Hydrology!

Tonkin + Taylor is delighted for David and welcome him into the fold of T+T Fellows including Simonne Eldridge, Stephen Crawford, Keith Dickson, John Grimston, Tony Kortegast, Richard Reinen-Hamill, Tim Fisher, Ted Willson and Peter Millar.