Engineering a Better New Zealand

Engineering a Better New Zealand

T+T delivers the message at the Beehive

Tonkin + Taylor’s engineers are helping to lead the charge towards a better, more resilient New Zealand. Along with Engineering New Zealand, they’ve delivered to the Beehive their vision for clear, coordinated action on the most critical challenges facing our nation.

T+T’s James Hughes, Kate Williams, and Clint Cantrell were front and centre for the launch of “Engineering a Better New Zealand”, a report aimed at sparking political and national conversation on the way forward.

James, T+T’s Infrastructure Resilience Specialist, and Clint, our Water Sector Director, were just two of a number of T+T experts - drawn from our full range of disciplines – who contributed thought leadership for the report. Our other contributors were Senior Sustainability Consultant, Monique Cornish; Senior Water Consultant Charlotte Reed and Coastal Engineer, Dr Tom Shand.

Whether it’s working to ensure that all Kiwis have clean, safe water, helping the country to adapt to climate change, or devising systems and infrastructure that will better withstand earthquakes, our engineers are at the forefront, providing guidance and working to deliver the vision of a resilient, prosperous New Zealand.

In creating the report, Engineering New Zealand brought together engineers, policy makers and scientists to unpick three of the biggest challenges and find a way forward. Now, our decision makers and all New Zealanders are being asked to take a hard, fresh look at two of them: seismic resilience and water quality.

Part One of the document outlines the engineering vision for a resilient New Zealand and seven recommendations on how to get there. It also examines what risk and resilience - two critical factors that apply in all these discussions – actually mean.

Part Two is a detailed look at seismic resilience, while Part Three examines the state of our water and looks ahead to a better, safer system.

Want to be part of the conversation and the way forward? Read the full document here.

“Engineering a Better New Zealand” is the first in a series of thought leadership reports from Engineering New Zealand. Further work on clean energy as a response to climate change is due for release later this year.

T+T is delighted to be part of this ongoing body of work.