Catastrophic earthquake damage video – WARNING

Catastrophic earthquake damage video – WARNING

Tonkin + Taylor has made the difficult decision to publicly release this video.  It graphically depicts the catastrophic damage caused by the Canterbury earthquakes to civic infrastructure and people’s homes during 2010-2011.

It is our hope that this footage will reinforce the importance of pre-assessments for liquefaction potential before the consenting of residential, commercial and civic development in the future.

Tonkin + Taylor acknowledges the 185 people who lost their lives in the February 2011 earthquake and the thousands who still live with the trauma the earthquakes brought, to this day.

We would like to thank the people of Canterbury who allowed us onto their properties and into their homes to take these images.

You have made a significant contribution to the international understanding of earthquake liquefaction. 

The resulting research is now being used world-wide to help prevent communities having to suffer the hardship and heartache that you experienced.

Canterbury has largely recovered and become an exemplar of earthquake resilience.  That couldn’t have happened as well, or as quickly, without the unconditional cooperation of our engineering colleagues. 

Engineers, constructors, all public agencies and authorities, emergency responders and the private sector worked together, shared resources, information and experience in a way that had never been seen before.

Greater cooperation led to a better and faster recovery for the people of Canterbury.

We do not want to relive the experience but it’s vital we remember it, learn from it and continue to build resilience into all New Zealand communities.

Doug Johnson

Managing Director

Tonkin + Taylor

Please note: This video may be upsetting to people who have experienced destructive earthquakes and families who have lost loved ones in them – please consider the impact it may have on your emotional wellbeing before deciding to view.