Climate Change team takes IPWEA Excellence award for second year in a row

Mahi tahi (collaboration) is one of our key company values and it's because of mahi tahi that we our team won took the prestigious "Excellence in Strategic Planning" award at this year's IPWEA Conference, for the second year in a row.

Waka Kotahi's National Resilience Programme Business Case (NRPBC) work won the 2020 award. 

T+T's Strategy Specialist Chris Purchas, Technical Director for Climate Change James Hughes and Resilience Scientist Bekah Robertson led the project.

NRPBC was delivered to Waka Kotahi by James, Bekah and Chris, and Tregaskis Brown. This project delivered a detailed evidence base for future resilience planning and investment decisions in New Zealand’s land transport system, through identifying and rating important risks from natural hazards.

NRPBC embedded mahi tahi in a two-fold manner:

  • The combination of skillsets from T+T and Tregaskis Brown delivered in-depth technical analysis in an innovative and engaging manner.
  • Multiple entities play a role in ensuring the NZ land transport system functions and delivers the services that communities require. The NRPBC collaborated with various stakeholders (including Waka Kotahi staff across all regions, councils, and key transport system users) to draw on their experiences. 

A safe, well-connected and accessible land transport system is critical for the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders, having mahi tahi at the heart of this project was central in ensuring the NRPBC created excellent outcomes for communities.

The project enabled the development of and an interactive viewer that allows you to see the resilience of the network at a national and local level.

In 2019, James Hughes, Bekah Robertson and Morgan Lindsay won the IPWEA Excellence in Strategic Planning award for their work on the LGNZ sea level rise report