ENZ Board: Vote Tim Fisher for Vice President

ENZ Board: Vote Tim Fisher for Vice President

Voting is now open for Engineering New Zealand’s 2020/21 Board election and two Tonkin + Taylor engineers need our support to help them get elected.

Tim Fisher, Executive Leader for Engineering, is one of four candidates in the mix for Vice President on the Engineering New Zealand Board.

It’s the first time in several years that this election has been contested; often there is one candidate elected unopposed.

Tony Fairclough, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, is one of 14 candidates in the running to fill two available spots on the board.

Voting closes on Friday 6 March, so if you are an eligible voter make sure you’ve had your say and cast your vote!

We recently asked Tony about his thoughts on the upcoming election – now it’s over to Tim to talk about his passion for engineering and what he hopes to achieve if he gets elected.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I’m Executive Leader Engineering and Technical Director for Water Engineering at Tonkin + Taylor with extensive international and national experience of the Water, Transport, Land and Energy sectors. In these roles, I am actively practising as a consulting engineer, while also working to helping our business be successful.

I’ve made significant contributions to ENZ as a Member/Chair (3 years) of the Auckland branch, served as a governing board member (2 years), and am looking to further contribute as Vice President of the board.

What is it about engineering that you are so passionate about?

I am passionate about the incredibly important work that engineers do to support and create our economy and make our society a better place while protecting the environment. I like to explain to people all the work that engineers do so they understand that engineering supports everything they do (and most of what they take for granted). I want to make engineering more and more understood and relevant so it has high credibility within society and young people consider it as a great career.

Why do think you should be elected?

My vision is for Engineers to be the leading professional group for our influence in creating economies and communities, and solving society’s problems. I have a deep understanding of Engineering NZ through my work on branches and committees so have developed a good understanding of what engineers want and need.  I continue to engage with engineers to hear what they want from their institute.  I have the governance skills to lead Engineering New Zealand.

If elected – what do you hope to achieve?

To keep Engineering at the forefront of society by being relevant with strong connections, credibility and influence. The biggest issue facing ENZ and members is MBIE licensing and registration proposals; I will work hard to support good outcomes for engineers. These activities will help Engineers to be the leading professional group through our influence over the economy, communities and environment.