Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

There are currently concerns that that the expected economic downturn due to the global pandemic will result in organisations investing less in sustainability.

T+T has made the decision to continue our focus on sustainable initiatives and we are happy to announce that our updated Sustainability Policy has been approved by our Board.

We believe that the current situation highlights the need for greater sustainability integration into our infrastructure and decision-making long-term. Good infrastructure decisions can provide local employment, support community wellbeing, and protect and enhance our precious natural environment.

This Sustainability Policy re-confirms our commitment to managing the impact that our business has. We will continue to support clients through sustainability services, on all of our projects and in our operations. This will help us to contribute to great outcomes for people, the planet and our communities.

Chair of the T+T Group Board, Jenn Bestwick, says: “Having this policy in place is both a big and important step for the Tonkin + Taylor Group.  As we work to give effect to it, I’m sure it will stimulate a lot of great conversations that will shape the what, how and with whom we do business in the future.”

Here the link to our Updated Sustainability Policy if you want to find out more.