What part does cycling and walking play in our future transport systems?

What part does cycling and walking play in our future transport systems?

The New Zealand Government’s focus on safety, public transport, walking and cycling and now the impacts of COVID-19 will result in a massive shift in the way we move.

Tonkin + Taylor’s transport discipline manager, Ryan Dunn believes these changes are positive and will bring more balance to our transport systems, in other words, cars may not be the answer anymore.

How do we go forward with a focus on walking and cycling in the future? Ryan Dunn says it should start and end with good planning...

At the heart of every project is the client and the communities the project will help. A relationship between client and consultant that is built on trust and quality outcomes can help with the procurement and delivery of future projects. In the current economic environment, we need to be accelerating the procurement process while continuing to ensure that quality outcomes are delivered. Procurement can be accelerated through grouping programmes of work together and using proven delivery models, such as engaging panels of pre-qualified consultants and contractors. These teams will have the necessary skills and a track record of delivering, building momentum, and ensuring continuous improvement in technical excellence and best practice.

This procurement model can deliver a large volume of high-quality work quickly in a collaborative and innovative environment, while developing the relationship between client, consultants and communities. The client knows the teams, and there is cost certainty. We can also help clients maximise funding assistance from the increased rates available through the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, enabling Councils to free up more cash to deliver more projects.

Ryan Dunn believes one of the key components to a successful project, and one that should never be underestimated or under-delivered is communication.

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