Pride at Tonkin + Taylor

Pride at Tonkin + Taylor

What makes Tonkin + Taylor? It’s simple – our people. We come together as a diverse range of individuals with our own unique skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

June 27 marks Global Pride Day and for T+T, it means showing our support for our LGBTQI+ whānau and further making T+T an inclusive place where everyone can be themselves.

Our Diversity + Inclusion Group recently asked T+T geotechnical engineer, Angela Zhang, to share what "Pride" means to her:

My mother immigrated to Aotearoa after a messy divorce, with the bright eyes of a young person on an OE. She had been an engineer in China – one of the first to graduate university in the post-Mao era – and the world was her oyster. Reality hit hard. She struggled to make ends meet as a single parent in a foreign country. There is nothing quite as isolating as being halfway across the world from all of your friends and family. We moved five times in three years, jumping from flat to flat. A comfortable life in China morphed into a battle to simply survive and pay the bills on time.

My mother stayed in New Zealand for me.

I have always been haunted by a strange feeling of unbelonging. In some ways, I am visibly different: as the only Chinese person in a predominantly Pākehā school. In other ways my differences are easier to conceal: I don't necessarily have to mention my partner when explaining my weekend. I have only recently begun to think of my differences as strengths, as the source of my empathy, as a key to communities that are intertwined with shared experiences.

I live in all the identities I have inherited, and all the ones I choose to hold close. Pride to me is about being comfortable in my own skin. Pride to me is about reclaiming all of my intersecting identities, as migrant tauiwi, as neuroatypical, as a queer Chinese woman.