Greater Wellington Regional Councils’ visionary Flood Management programme

Greater Wellington Regional Councils’ visionary Flood Management programme

Did you know that flooding is the world’s most common and costly natural hazard? Leading the way in being prepared for such events, and supporting communities at-risk is the focus of Greater Wellington Regional Councils’ visionary Flood Management programme. GWRC’s Programme Manager. Andy Brown says that “we are working closely with the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) to develop an integrated programme of works to improve our service to the community across all four R’s of disaster management (readiness, response, recovery and reduction)”.

As the first programme of its kind, the T+T led team is collaborating with UK’s RAB Consultants to deliver this exciting programme for Greater Wellington Regional Council. Their focus is developing improvements to Wellington Region’s rainfall and flow monitoring network and flood warning, response plans and a communications plan to increase a community’s awareness of flood risk.

Project team lead Hamish Smith says “the recent Northland floods have again demonstrated the severe impact that flooding can have to communities. This work we are doing will be of significant interest to other regional councils, providing frameworks for accurate forecasting and more effective warnings to manage the economic, social, cultural and environmental cost of flood events.”

Supporting Andy and Hamish is an expert team comprising some of our specialist consultants: Alex Cartwright, Bapon FakhruddinManea SweeneyJon Rix and RAB’s Bryan Nelson. The first phase of the project is due for completion in August 2020.

For those keen to learn more about this exciting programme of work feel free to contact any of the project team.