Celebrating P+C Excellence

Celebrating P+C Excellence

Tonkin + Taylor people love a challenge – what’s more, they take pride in delivering excellence every day.

In December 2020, our Executive leader for People and Workplace, Kavita Khanna, set a challenge for her P+C (People & Capability) team to become chartered members of the Human Resource Institute of New Zealand (HRNZ) and perhaps clock up an award or two along the way.

As we approach Christmas 2021, we’re thrilled to congratulate Kavita, Barbara Daxenberger (P+C Manager), Dee Johnston (Talent Services Lead), Sona Valesyan (Capability Advisor) and Steph Gawne (P+C Business Partner) in a year marked by massive personal and professional success.

Kavita herself was accredited as a Chartered Fellow of HRNZ, while Dee, Barbara and Steph became Chartered Members of HRNZ. Last, but by no means least, rising star Sona Valesyan found herself in the spotlight, winning the 2021 HRNZ Emerging HR Practitioner Award. 

“For professionals in HR, being Chartered is a validation of competencies gained through experience and education. Our team has incredible talent, and it was absolutely worth getting benchmarked within the wider industry " Kavita explained. 

"At T+T, our value of ‘Excellence Every Day’ is not just a phrase on a poster on the wall. Everyone at T+T lives and breathes excellence every day, and it's deeply embedded in our culture and actively encouraged through our policies and systems," Barbara said. 

Dee agreed. "The support T+T provided me with for my application was incredible – I had a day off to prepare, and then once I became Chartered, was given $1500 as financial recognition, which was a real buzz as I wasn't expecting it!

“It just shows how much the Company values professional excellence – I'm proud to be working alongside such an accomplished team,” she said. 

Steph sees chartership not only as a personal accomplishment, but a way to help show others. Although chartership might seem like a lofty goal, it is definitely achievable.

“I feel very proud to be chartered. Perhaps a little more than I thought I would,” shares Steph. “I wanted to apply for my chartership to demonstrate my technical competency but also help more of my team realise that it’s a goal well within their reach.”

Sona was equally thrilled, saying the HRNZ award provided industry recognition that she is “serious about pursuing a career in HR and is undertaking continuing professional development in support of this.”

“Achieving this accreditation places me on a pathway to working towards Chartered Membership status in the future, and I hope I am inspiring others in our P+C team to do the same," Sona said. 

Sona, Dee, Barbara, Steph and Kavita – congratulations again! We can’t wait to see what successes your continued pursuit of excellence delivers next year!