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Drought prone buildings : an unmitigated disaster in waiting

NZ Geomchanics News Iss. 104 December 2022 p. 62-68

The Shrink Swell Test is used ubiquitously in New Zealand for expansive soil testing. However, emerging research continues to cast serious doubts on its soundness and suitability for this purpose. Show more…The evidence suggests that the test has an initial moisture contents bias: the Shrink Swell index value mostly depends on the moisture content of the soil when it was sampled. This paper revisits the findings published in NZ Geomechanics News (Rogers et al. 2020), and presents three further developments since the publication of the original paper. Show less…

Categories: Climate + Hazard Resilience
Tags: 2022
Author: McDougall Nathan, Rogers Nick W, Soysa Shiraz R, Teal Joshua, Thomas Mark