The New Zealand Geotechnical Database (NZGD) is a comprehensive online database that consolidates new and existing geotechnical information into a searchable platform.

Tonkin + Taylor engineers and IT developers collaborated with CERA, DBH (now MBIE), and EQC to design the online database. EQC played a pivotal role by contributing $30 million worth of commissioned data, which significantly boosted the database’s utility as a collaborative tool for professionals.

The NZGD is accessible to professional engineering firms, government officials at local and central levels, scientific and academic institutions, the Earthquake Commission, and insurers.

It builds upon the success of the Canterbury Geotechnical Database (CGD), initially developed to support the Christchurch rebuild following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence. Furthermore, it incorporates data previously housed in the Auckland Geotechnical Database, which Watercare established initially.

Before the database’s existence, geotechnical information was fragmented and limited. This innovative approach to data collection and reporting established an IT platform that fosters collaboration for both day-to-day consulting and cutting-edge research purposes.

By consolidating geotechnical data, the NZGD facilitates a deeper understanding of soil and sediment distribution, variability, and behaviour throughout New Zealand. This, in turn, enhances decision-making processes related to land use and aids in advancing scientific assessments.

Over time, our team has continually enhanced its functionality and adaptability to accommodate the increasing demand within New Zealand and globally.


  • Web Application Development 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration  
  • API development 
  • Database Development 
  • IT Project Management 
  • Data Management 


  • Gold at the 2016 ACENZ Innovate Awards Gold


  • MBIE (2023)


  • 2012 – Current

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