STOCKHOLM is a visual pre-positioned stock mapping and analysis tool.

Standing for STOCK of Humanitarian Organisations Logistics Mapping, the name refers to the Swedish capital, and is composed of 14 separate islands (representing humanitarian actors working in silo when it comes to pre-positioning). It is linked over 50 bridges (reinforcing the overall ideas of exchange, connection and collaboration that drive the ESUPS project).

The STOCKHOLM platform offers stock holders access to a visual representation of pre-positioned core relief items.

Users can filter stock data based on country, province, or any other cross-geographical area. Stock data is also filtered by the organisation holding the stock, cluster, and item. In parallel, ESUPS and its academic partners are carrying out studies to demonstrate the value of collaborative pre-positioning practices.


  • Web Application Development 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration  
  • API development 
  • Database Development 
  • IT Project Management 
  • Data Management 


  • Welthungerhilfe


  • 2017 – Current

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